How to choose a charger for your phone?

Charger is a necessary accessory, which we use almost every day. Until recently, the original charger was in the set with a new phone, tablet or e-book reader. More and more often manufacturers (e.g. Apple or Samsung) decide to resign from selling chargers together with a device. The main reason for this trend is cost reduction and concern for the environment. It may also happen that the charger you have been using so far will no longer work. The mains charger should be a high quality product, it should be safe to use, so as not to damage the battery or the device during charging. So how to choose the best charger?

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Charger is a basic and necessary accessory for every owner of a phone, tablet, smart watch and many other devices. Without a charger, using the device would be impossible. Thanks to the introduction of standards, on the market you can find phones with USB-C charging port, microUSB or in the case of Apple products - lightning port. Thanks to standards, it's easier to find a new charger for your smartphone or other mobile device, although there are a few important things to consider when choosing one. In this article, we discuss how to choose a charger for your device and what to look out for to make sure it's compatible and will charge your smartphone quickly, plus be practical.

Types of chargers - network charger, car charger, inductive charger

The mains charger is the most commonly chosen device for charging a smartphone or tablet. This accessory allows you to charge your device using electricity coming straight from a wall outlet. It can only be used in places with access to electricity, such as at home or at work. The USB cable is used to charge the device. Depending on the model, the charger may have several USB inputs.

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A car charger is an accessory used to charge a device while travelling in a car. The car charger is powered by electricity from the cigarette lighter socket, which is found in every car. The car charger usually consists of a power adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter, a minimum of one USB input for the cable and a cable that has a USB port on one side and a corresponding connector on the other side that matches the one on your device - micro USB, USB type C or Lightning.

Inductive charger is a modern solution, which is used for wireless charging of the device and is the perfect gadget for people for whom convenience matters. An inductive charger consists of a power cable and a pad on which you place your phone or other device for charging. Among the inductive chargers you can find: glass (car) inductive charger, charger in the form of a stand or flat. The inductive charger is connected via a cable to a power outlet or cigarette lighter socket, from which the accessory draws energy to charge the battery in the device. The process of charging the smartphone begins when the device is placed on the charging pad. When the device is lifted - charging stops.

It is worth noting that not every smartphone supports wireless charging. This depends, among other things, on the design of the device, because for devices with a metal back panel, wireless charging is impossible. Before buying an inductive charger, check in the specifications of your smartphone if it is compatible with inductive (wireless) charging.

Parameters of chargers - what to pay attention to

In the past, phone manufacturers used different solutions for charging phones, often compatible only with the devices produced by them. Currently, thanks to the introduction of standards, whose main goal is to reduce the production of electronic waste - all smartphones (except Apple) charge using a certain USB port. With the unification of standards, theoretically, the charger from one smartphone, we can charge another. The charger will also be able to charge a bluetooth speaker, wireless headphones, smartwatch, e-book reader or for example a camera.

In practice, looking for a new or additional charger for the phone, you should pay attention to the parameters of the charger such as charging voltage, which is expressed in volts (V) and amperage, expressed in amps (A). More often than not, the parameters of the original charger included with your smartphone are adjusted to charge your device efficiently and safely. Only the fact that the charger has a matching connector unfortunately does not guarantee that the phone or other device will be charged safely. Charger with improper parameters and above all low quality can damage the battery in such a phone, and in the worst case lead to an explosion or fire.

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